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    Tous droits réservés 2001It's by beginning a research on frabrics's story that Francine Nicolle did rediscover the BoutisTous droits réservés . It was an instantaneous thunderbolt for this retirment, young person who remembers then the conversations of his grandmother around the boutis, this memory of the South bent at small points.

    What move him particularly in this needlework, it's this reading that these women make of their intimacy. The reasons for the boutis speak about their husband, of the fertility of their love, sometimes even of mournings, the grape harvest, the harvests and bad harvests but also of the religion, of the pélerins on the way for Compostelle.

    To leave from forgetting this traditional art and to give again all its popular and cultural dimension, it's the wish of Francine Nicolle and it's to him birth, in 1993, of the association "Cordelles - Boutis in Vaunage ".

    Currently the association gathers more than 70 adherents impassioned

    Tous droits réservésThe seat of the association is in Calvisson, close to Nimes, in the department of Gard (France), in the heart of Vaunage.

    The association is fixed for objectives:

    - To make known the regional inheritance, in particular, the textile inheritance, through the techniques of pricking and the popular costume.

    - To give to l honnor the boutis and the works stiched.

    - To preserve and make acquire this technique through exposures, conferences, fashion parade, training courses, course, demonstrations.

    - To allow this decorative art, born under Louis XIV, used formerly in l ornementation, the trousseaus and clothing, to cross d’autres centuries after a lapse of memory moreover d’un century.

    True head d’oeuvre, each boutis is the’expression of a knowledge to make ancestral and transmits to us through the selected reasons: feelings and hopes of the last generations.

    The members of association meet once per week Monday afternoon of September 15 at June 30. That makes it possible adherents to work together, to meet, exchange ideas for future works. The old ones are there to help the news. Environment is convivial and cordial.


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