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        Boutis's house , is established in Calvisson in the beautiful plain of Vaunage, close to Nimes in the south of France. It's the associationTous droits réservés 2001 « Les Cordelles-Boutis en Vaunage » which put all works about it for its creation. It presents a new collection of boutis old XVIIIe and XIXe centuries.

    It is the first "museum" to emphasize the techniques of pricking of Low Occitanie, to leave forgetting this traditional art Tous droits réservés 2001and to give again all its popular and cultural dimension to him.     La Boutis's house wants to be a place of conservation these knowledge to make, of this bent regional memory at small points by our "Mamées". To preserve this memory, to finally pay a homage deserved to generations of "makers of boutis".

    Keep this knowledge to make out of the commun run, to preserve an exceptional iconographic repertory, to present regional collections of quality, such are the objectives of the Boutis's house.

      From medieval tradition, l’ART of the "Embroidery in Bumps" was practised by the largest embroiderers attached near the "Royal Houses" and of "Manufactures" producing of the parts of luxury, on order. So the most talented draughtsmen "portraictisaient" the clear fabric, created models d’un remarkable balance. The reasons drawn from decorative arts into voque s’inspiraient legends, historical events, because the fabric served d’écriture, but also of the flora, the reasons "d’indienne" (fabrics come from the Indies or reproduced "à.la.mode of the Indies").

    This creasons, sober or dense, not only "was embroidered in bumps" of l interior in Boutis, but they are accompanied the symbolic system particular to each century and specific to Low Occitanie.

    The pressed embroidery, classified by Saint Aubin, embroiderer of king Louis XVI, in the group of the embroidery in low-relief, has the characteristic to put the tone on volume.

    For to answer these quality standards, it is thus necessary use, in our turn, of true drawings resulting from the Boutis Inheritance and not of embroidery, not of cross, lace, which, them, were designed for their own use.

    "to embroider in relief of the tables, rinceaux d’ornements, will mascarons, fruits or flowers… the embroiderer must have drawn on a small trade the various parts of his object, detached the ones of the others… started by expressing the largest projections. Each object then has all its roundnesses and quite significant forms and outraged even a little (what is piece of work more intelligent worksmen… and often from a plaster or wax model). "

    Saint-Aubin in his "Art du Brodeur"

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